Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What Goes Around??

Yabeda Beduuu… it's been a relaxing last weekend with lots to laugh about. First of all, I didn't have much work to do (well, I always have lots to study( study??subject EBM kewr?? Gilewr poyo..!) and task for, and I also have major assignments to do :)) so I was able to take my time and just lounge around.slumberk jerk aku lolx.. My last weekend at home was AWESOME! Good food.Our menu >> Fried rice.Cucoq Udang mudah dimasak..sedap dimakan..hahah...and lots of sleep (well, I didn't MEAN to sleep that much...but it felt good anyways)!!hehe.. What I want to tell here erk?? bored lah…kalau merapu bley??haha…and today, after classes, I had launch with Intan and Yan.. It's always nice talking to them…cause they just awesome like that! Like to bergosip sanew and bergossip siniw.always have a new hot story.haha…samewr kewr cam ngumpat erk? I don’t careeeee..wekk!!! But actually..i and my classmate gor for launch at Bank Islam Café..lots of crowd…herhh…benci tol. Today was buzyy with lots of photo assignment..nampak mudah tapi leceh lolx…

Erm..last night..I don't exactly remember what I did till I went to sleep at 3:30 a.m, but probably nothing special..(there's a reason why I don't remember..haha). and the facts of that…aku mangun manyak lewatt laa…actually..8.30 a.m I have an appointment with ina to settle all the photo assignment..going to Photo studio to setting all that…and bla..bla..bla..mmg leceh but I have learned something new. Tapi kul 8.30 la aku br terhegeh2 bangun dr katil…dgn slumber gilewr my fingers start to sent a msg to ina…

“ina…sory2…aku terlajak tidow…” ---> menunggulah ina gamaknyew…siann…hehe…sory beb

Berjayewr kewr assignment ari ni??so we'll see how it goes..hehe..

Dinner was yummy in the tummy! I ate nasi goreng ayam and teh o ais..perghh..meletopp.. lapau sangat lewr..ekeke…licin kasik…apewr nak critewr lagik erk..hehe

Have you ever thought about how much time you waste each day? Sometimes I get so mad at myself for wasting my time away. Life time isn't really that long if you think about. First twenty something years of your life, aku la ni 24 tahun weyyy…!!! Mentioned again…24 wey…haha…. you're in ur studying and trying to learn how to survive and blah blah blah.and now in last semester…yeheaaa…..and then the work, marriage, and what not. I just feel like I waste too much time just THINKING about *******, when I can actually be DOING things and accomplish something. Damn..!!!

Erm.. So I figured that it's impossible for me to get a 4.0 this semester but I'll end up with something above 3.50 at least And once again to get the academic certificate. crossing EVERYTHING::

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  1. " I didn't have much work to do (well, I always have lots to study)"

    huhuhuhuhu...takda keja jangan tak study...huhuhu...

    "so I was able to take my time and just lounge around"

    whoa...huhuhuhu..."esok masih ada kan?"huhuhuu

    "and lots of sleep"
    huhuhuhuhu....kita kena tido untuk cergaskan otak..lepas otak cergas badan pun cergas...lepas badan cergas..kita enjoy dulu..huhuhuhu